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What do you believe?

What do you believe? Do you believe in Christianity? Buddhism? What about Hinduism? Are you an Atheist, Muslim, Satanist? Are you Agnostic? Why do you believe that way? (I’m not going to bash any religious affiliation, or the lack thereof)… Were you taught to believe this way? Have you really studied your beliefs,  or did you take an authority figures word on it? Did you form your beliefs based on what’s accepted in society to fit in,or to go against society, for that matter? 


I’m at a point in my life where I want to find out what I believe for myself, because I truly believe it, not because I’ve been taught to believe it. To many of you this may sound stupid, or maybe it doesn’t make sense, but this is where I’m at in life. I’m tired of going to church and believing what the preacher says just because he’s a preacher. (Not just a preacher. I don’t want want to believe something because anyone said I should, or that it’s right) 

I have a problem in doing this, because I’ve realized I dont believe in everything from a single denomination.  I also have found I believe in things from many different denominations. So what do I call myself? Why does religion, and society in general, put so much emphasis on labeling my faith? Please do not comment that there are nondenominational churches for people like me. I believe you can take 3 people, tell them all to read the same exact thing, and all 3 people can interpret what they read differently; Therefore I’m sure if you dicard everything you have been taught you will find you don’t fit perfectly into any religious institution either. 

I’d like to challenge you all to discard everything you have learned from anyone throughout your life, that has to do with religion, and really study and find out the truth for yourself. Also I apologize that I couldn’t write this from everyone’s perspective,  instead of a Christian perspective, but I can only write what I know, and I am a Christian.  This is in no way limited to Christians though,  I think everyone should do this regardless of your religion. Good luck!  This has been incredibly difficult for me, but well worth it!


Least favorite quality in myself…

All of my life I’ve constantly worried about others, how they feel, what they think of me, etc. I was raised in a home where reputation was everything, or at least I was raised there half my life. We weren’t wealthy, but my foster dad was a preacher so reputation was everything, and people were constantly pointing out my every mistake and flaw. I never cared about self image until it was instilled in me to care about it. I feel like my worst flaw is always being able to understand, accept, and love others, but never being able to love myself. I know one of the main things people say is you can’t really love someone else until you love yourself, but I disagree. I believe you can’t be Ina mutually beneficial relationship unless you respect yourself. I respect myself as a human being, and as a woman, but im still trying to learn how to love myself.